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                Director's Message

                Inaugurated in December 2010, the Institute for Social and Cultural Research is the scholastic center of the university. It rises as a nexus of communication and cooperation with academic institutions in Macau and in various regions of the world. Our institute hosts brand research projects and highlights quality lecture series. It has built itself into a unique platform for humanity and social sciences studies.

                Enjoying the support from Macau government, Macau society and the university authority, ISCR follows an aggressive yet pragmatic strategy of development. The studies are tailored to the realities in Macau and kept in pace with the cutting-edge researches. They focus on three major fields, including Macau History with Global-history view, Macau SAR studies and foreign affairs of Macau. In addition, a Ph.D program on International Relations Studies started to bring a pedagogical weight and academic width to the institute. With the community of Macau in mind, we organize Macau Society Seminar Series and Ambassadorial Lecture Series to share research findings, and to broaden vision.

                We hope, with our efforts, that the studies on society, culture and international relations bear new fruits, young intellectual be inspired and fostered, and humanity and social sciences open new territory in Macau.

                Welcome to the Institute for Social and Cultural Research!


                Director of ISCR
                LIN GUANGZHI

                Contact Us

                Institute for Social and Cultural Research
                Office Hour: Monday - Friday : 9am-1pm ; 2 :30pm-6 :20pm
                Address: O407, Macau University of Science and Technology,
                Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau
                Tel: (853) 8897-2124
                Fax: (853) 2882-7186
                E-mail: liip@must.edu.mo

                Doctoral Programs:
                Tel: (853) 8897-2124
                E-mail: liip@must.edu.mo