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                Dean's Message

                With the aim of spreading the spirit of humanism and building up Macau’s multi-culture, The Faculty of Humanities and Arts would like to foster multi-abilities talents with creativity, humanities and arts, who are sophisticated with Chinese and Western culture for Macau, China and the World.

                In Macau, economy is quickly developed. Tourism, gaming, international convention and exhibition would be the important directions for the further development of Macau. At present, there are many courses about tourism or convention and exhibition; however, observing in the aspect of art and design, it is still lack of talent. The concept of establishing art and design course is to combine the essence of both Chinese and Western culture in order to foster talents for unique culture and cultural heritage of Macau and the development of tourism, gaming, service and convention and exhibition industry.

                In a generation that global news and information quickly communicated and with the rapid development of Macau, the building up, packaging and promoting of Macau’ s image become very important. Fostering communication talents with integrated qualities and international perspective becomes a critical influence for the speed of the development of Macau. The course of Journalism and Communication includes three majors: Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations and Advertising, and aims to foster integrated communication talents.

                The Faculty of Humanities and Arts is newly established. It all along engaged in welcoming teachers with rich tutoring, investigating and practical experiences to join us in order to build up a solid teaching group. Our faculty pays high attention to the events that teachers participating local or international research projects and building up local strategic partnership.

                For Macau’s further development, we need professional talents having creativity, integrated qualities and international view and we would also pay afford in this perspective for the development of our faculty. On the other hand, we would keep contact with local and overseas academic units and enterprises for students’ internship so that students could be sophisticated in both theories and practices.

                We sincerely welcome you to join us as our students, teachers or partners. Let’s develop the Humanities and Arts and establish the bright image of Macau together!


                Contact Us

                P26-204, Macau University of Science and Technology, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau

                Bachelor of Arts(Art Design) :
                Bachelor of Arts in Art Design:

                Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication :
                Tel:  (+853) 8897-2216
                Fax:  (+853) 2888-0091

                Doctor of Philosophy in Communication
                Master of Arts in Communication
                Tel: (+853) 8897-2945
                Fax: (+853) 2888-0091

                Doctor of Philosophy in Design
                Master of Design
                Tel: (+853) 8897-2345
                Fax: (+853) 2888-0091

                Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts
                Master of Fine Arts
                Tel: (+853) 8897-1917
                Fax: (+853) 2888-0091

                Doctor of Management in Film Industry
                Master of Management in Film Industry
                Master of Film Production
                Tel: (+853) 8897-2973
                Fax: (+853) 2888-0091